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Political parties have the power to fix this.

The status quo exists because they haven’t prioritized women’s equality… and we haven’t insisted.  


That changes now.

Introducing measures that incentivize or require parties to work harder to better reflect the citizens they seek to serve enhances democracy.


Eighty countries around the world have already done this to make their parliaments more democratic. 


Why? Because they recognize that individual action and “natural”

(incremental) change isn’t good enough.

Balance of power: it’s only fair.


Say NO to the status quo

Change doesn’t just happen; people make it happen.

1. Join the new campaign in development in 2023! Read and share this one-pager  & FAQs


2. Email your MP, MLA, MNA, MPP (see list on the right & click here for sample letter)

a.  Tell them you expect better and will be voting accordingly. 


b. Ask for a response. 

3. Share information from this site on social media, with friends and colleagues. 


Encourage them to join others eager to make change happen.

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