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50% of the population.

30.5% of the Members of Parliament.

Something doesn't add up. 

Genuine democracy depends on representation. 

We haven’t made adding more women’s voices to parliament a priority.

Canada elected its first woman

Member of Parliament a century ago.


We ranked 27th in the world for women’s representation in parliament in 2000.


Now Canada is 61st – because other countries have recognized the cost of not ensuring that women have an equal say and have done something about it.


In the past two decades, women’s representation in Canada’s Parliament has only increased by 10%.


At this rate, we’ll be lucky to reach parity by 2062.

Why that Matters

Women experience many aspects of life differently from men.

From pay discrimination and periods to sexual objectification and harassment. These experiences inform women's perspectives and priorities, their insights and ideas.


Women need to be equitably represented at the table.

Research makes clear: when women help make decisions, equality advances on all fronts: research is more reliable, health care outcomes improve, economies are more stable. ​

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